Daily Prompt:  Blossom

I have a friend across the sea

She has become so dear to me

She’s funny and of angels she writes

Painting is one of her appetites

Her home is beautiful and neat

Her decorating? You can’t compete!

She chooses items that are awesome

While her husband makes them blossom

You’d think I would be done by now

But I have to mention John’s eyebrows

Wouldn’t want him to feel left alone

They dancily react to her every tone

That’s one story of my dear friend

So I guess this is the end!


17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Blossom

    1. I’m not so sure “Great” is the correct superlative? Certainly a funny individual, who could be both caustic and endearing at the same time. “What’s my line” was better, with him in the panel. Cheers Jamie

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  1. I was reading this thinking who is she writing about, 💡then it clicked and I started laughing, I said to John just read this and he started laughing and said Groucho Marx hmm very good. Thanks Cheryl you’re the best 😻😊😘

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