Daily Prompt:  Total

Today the word for me is exactly that – total. Total awesomeness! I accomplished a few things that have been in the background. First, after two calls to Canon, I can happily say my AirPrint is functioning again! And the Canon guys were friendly and great. Woohoo!  
Secondly, my granddaughter spent a couple of hours with me and of course that is Totally Awesome! We played music, laughed a lot, planted seeds in containers on my patio – pics tomorrow – and the best news of all!
I see you wondering, what could possibly top this day? I found out I can wheel myself out on the patio! Yea! It is possible! Who knew? Perhaps it’s the chair? Anyway, this old lady might be getting more sun. I now have reasons to get out there, for the plants. And I’m not done yet, we put up my new flag, yes, ladies and gentlemen, we did what men failed to do. Only a day late for US flag day! I guess it just takes “girl power”!!!🤓
I know what you’re thinking, could there possibly be another treat in store for this woman who was ready to throw in the towel yesterday? Yes! My helper and I found out you can make a delicious S’more with a graham cracker, half a Hershey’s bar, and marshmallow, layered in that order, with another cracker on top. You just put it on a paper plate in the microwave for no more than ten seconds. Open it up, squash the top cracker down on the softened marshmallow and ENJOY! Who needs a campfire?

So with that I will enjoy my dinner and look at my plant pots, wishing them to sprout. It doesn’t get any better than a day like today!


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