#writephoto – knock

He hesitated for only a second and then gave the secret knock.  His friend Joe told him about this place, but you had to be a member or know the secret knock to enter. Knock, knock, knknock, knock, knock knock! 

The door opened.  He wasn’t surprised by the groaning creak as it opened, seemingly by itself.  He stepped in and the door closed quickly behind him.  He tried to look around but his vision was impaired by the darkness.  He decided to back step till he felt the door and leave.  Joe didn’t tell him it was like this.  He started stepping back.

“Hello, hello hello!”  The cheery greeting and bright lights startled him.  “Welcome to Frank’s Fabulous Freak and Fantasy Fittings!  Everything a true Halloween party goer would ever want or need, right here!  I’m Frank, and you must be Jerry.  Joe said you might stop by.  What can I help you with?”

Thursday photo prompt: Knock #writephoto

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