Photo-Fiction #90

He was sitting there on his computer, as he did every night. He wasn’t actually searching for anything in particular, just surfing. He accessed the site where he conversed with unknown lonely women. His online persona served a purpose, and assuaged his loneliness.  

He was witty and intelligent using innuendos like M&Ms teasing the women with the taste of an actual encounter. It was on this particular night he was in his element of deception when he came upon his next victim, Laura.

She was a lonely divorced woman. Her first husband died in a car accident. Being heartbroken and vulnerable, she married the next man who showed her attention.

Frank pounced on Laura’s reply. As he read her profile, he grew anxious, knowing his next conquest was at hand. He just had to be charming enough to fool her as he had others. He could manage the debonair bachelor type appearance better than anyone–until they realized who and what he was. By the time they did, it was too late.

Laura was looking forward to the meeting. They met at a well known restaurant located in the inner city. Dinner went well. She noticed he seemed very attracted to her. She left the table to check her appearance. He had filled her glass with more wine. The evening resulted in a walk around the park. He suggested they sit in the most secluded section and she was happy to oblige. 

He sat close and she welcomed his arms around her. Frank moved passionately and removed her clothes slowly, as not to frighten her. He finally applied the open kiss that would seal her fate. His light flooded into her.

The next day, Laura was found in the park square, encased in stone, Frank’s light shining from within.


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