Photo Challenge – 167 – The Kiss

Golden.  Surrounded by it.  Even though the air was cool, the gold was all around and making me feel warm, content, and relaxed.

The day had been stressing, exciting, and finally rewarding; the result of all being a calming affect.  Having looked forward to this for a while, my anxiety increased early on, as did the morning clouds.  By the time rain sprinkles tried to curl my perfectly straightened hair, I was what my sister called, a nervous wreck.  As most dates have been chronicled, this was the one in which I would be romanced. 

We had met by chance, planned a few outings, and enjoyed each other’s company.  The constant holding of hands last time was a precursor to our first kiss.  At least that’s what I had heard.  I hadn’t dated much in my twenty years.  I was too focused on schooling, grades, and planning my future.  The unexpected first meeting in the college library was of movie script quality.  Like the shy female lead, I nearly fell off the movable ladder when rescued by the handsome male star.  And he was handsome, and polite, and knowledgeable–practically a dream come to life, if you were looking, if you were ready for it.

I wasn’t looking, hardly ready, at my age, to seek a life partner.  I did like him, and we had wonderful interesting conversations in aromatic coffee bars.  I discovered him unabashedly gazing into my eyes while I tried to possibly impress? him with my opinions on our latest topic of discussion.  Then last time, as we walked from the cafe to my dormitory, he never let go of my hand.  It was a wonderful feeling and the sensation lingered on until today.

The lunch went well, and the sun came out as we traversed the nearby park.  Rain and clouds had long ceased and the sun was setting, causing this golden glow.  We sat on the park bench near the lake, watched the ducks preparing their shoreline resting places, and let the glow surround us.  He turned and lifted my hand to his lips and brushed a kiss.  My heart was warming to his touch and then it happened, the kiss.  It seemed I had been waiting for this forever.  I returned his approach and the golden glow was no longer only from the sun.  It seemed to be emanating from within the two of us.

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