Share Your World           May 29, 2017

Time for SYW questions. Thanks again C for letting us know more about each other through your challenge. Not really a challenge, more like probing questions meant to let us into your world. I’m interested, how many of you took a moment of silence today at 3:00pmET in the US?🇺🇸🤗

Question one- my favorite monuments is in Washington, DC, where I observed the statue of seated President Abraham Lincoln. I was certainly impressed at how large it was. As a child I had dreamed of seeing it in person. Only took me forty years.🎆

Question two – I like short vacations such as getting away for the weekend. However, my favorite vacation was a long one, two weeks in Hawaii.🌋 I haven’t been on a vacation for many years. Too many!🕶

Question three – one of my favorite National Parks is Mesa Verde in Colorado. Truly an amazing sight.

Question four – Oh, this is fun! My fantasy vacation would be in a secluded cabin, wheelchair access of course, to and from the surrounding woods and lake. Now that would be ideal.🏔🔥🥐🍷☕️🛶🏞👍🏻

I am grateful that the closeby tornado a few days ago, did not cause harm to my grandson, home alone with the dog! I am looking forward to this week being the last week of school. 🎉🎊🎈☀️🌝🌟⭐️

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