Picture Prompt-154 & Daily Prompt – The Bomb

Only a few more yards and I’ll be far enough from this barricade to detonate the bomb. Fairly bold of me tramping around with it in daylight, but I have no choice.  It’s the only one left and I have to make it count.  The devastation has been heartbreaking, but I can’t think of it now.  I have to keep walking, get past the troops in front of me and keep traveling behind them. They’ll be moving out soon and taking the injured with them.  

After I set the bomb in place, it’s my job to scavenge dog tags and other personal items from our dead and meet back up with the rest.  It’s sorrowful we can’t take the time to honor them with a proper burial.  That’s one of the disasters of war. 

I’m almost there.  Once the bomb is strategically placed, I’ll have to run back to gather the personals, a very sad task.




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