#writephoto – Derelict

Derelict you say.  I guess that you may be right, in some respects. Of course it is my home and I am perfectly satisfied with it.  I need no roof or door to protect me.  The earthly elements do not affect me.  I do not need space around me to be comfortable, therefore in a few centuries when the earth covers this old home, I’ll still reside in this space, at times.

I suppose you’ve guessed by now that I am not human anymore, only an ethereal being now.  There were days of being flesh and blood, but that was when this home was new, fresh from my brother and me building it.  It has been changed a few times, new roof tiles, new trees and plants.  The main structure still stands which we built, stone by stone.

This is not a sad story, for much happiness and joy filled these walls, by me and generations after me.  Please visit as you like, and play in the ruins, pretending to live the life I lived.

Thursday photo prompt: Derelict #writephoto

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  1. I am always intrigued by the constructions. The roof tiles, for example. Since there is not a chimney. One would guess from a warmer climate? Mexico? Perhaps the cooking was done elsewhere. Is a possibility? Spirits? The only spirits I know of are in a bottle. Cheers Jamie.

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