Daily Prompt : Survive



I buzzed around

Until I found

This delightful looking web

I didn’t know

I’d stick there so

Enjoying its flow and ebb

A delicate sight

Shiny delight

I couldn’t resist

But was suddenly kissed

When fangs arrived

I didn’t survive.

As I wrote this, looked for pictures, I was admiring these webs.  Then I went into my bathroom which I cleaned and mopped today to discover a huge black spider in the corner.  So much for admiration.  I grabbed the Clorox cleaner and sprayed the crap out of him!  Then that didn’t stop him, he put out one leg at a time from the foam.  I grabbed the toilet tissue and covered him, then my elongated grabbers, picked him up, and flushed him.  A woman alone has to be fierce!😡🤓😎🤠😂


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Survive

  1. I’m hyperventilating after reading that story, I marvelled at the beautiful web hoping against hope I would not see a spider photo gene you write that awful story at the end ….. 😩😩😫

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  2. When we lived in TX roaches were a given, especially with our cedar shingles house. Who knew they loved them? Ewww they’re worse than spiders!


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