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Compassion might not be a word you would use when speaking of teenagers, but I will.  There are many very young people who are full of compassion, love, and respect, but we don’t hear about them.  As in most news articles, errant behavior gets the headlines.

I was eating lunch at a Denny’s type restaurant with my seventeen year old grandson…..you know the one…. my chauffeur, wheelchair racing, loud exhaust car, soccer playing, percussion playing, often texting, drummer one?  The one who takes me to the movies, shopping, etc?  We were eating lunch and talking when he was suddenly quiet, so I asked him what the matter was and he nodded in the direction of an elderly lady eating by herself.  I asked what?  He said it was sad–eating all by herself.  I asked, trying to keep it light, as I usually do, want to ask her to join us?  He answered no.  But this gave me another insight to his unselfish caring for others, compassion.



7 thoughts on “Write Anything Wednesday

  1. True enough … yet sometimes people wish to eat alone. Unencumbered by small talk, questions or even solicitations.

    A question would be; in a bar and crowded room a woman gets up and starts dancing on a table. Introvert or extrovert?
    Answer: Introvert, because an extrovert would be trying to get others up on the table … Cheers Jamie

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  2. You are absolutely right… There is a lot of compassion, altruism and niceness in the world, it just doesn’t get the exposure bad news do. Two thumbs up for your grandson 🙂

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