Word Count Widget?

Anyone…… Is there a reliable word count widget I could just use, have handy?  As it is I google my favorite one then copy and paste.  Any suggestions?  Bueller?

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5 thoughts on “Word Count Widget?

  1. WordPress counts your words, otherwise any word processor should. I’m fairly sure even crappy old Notepad on Windows has a word count function so surely the super superior Apple must has something built into it.

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    1. I haven’t found they do, but I’m sure that is no surprise to you. After my last post I’m ready to get the rope. So frustrating! Smothers Brothers, “Hangman, hangman, slack your rope, slack it for all”…….

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    2. I can only go by the screen I see which is no doubt different on apples and on smaller screens but at the very bottom of the screen after you put any words in the box where your post is written a word count is shown at the bottom of the screen.

      That image is different to my screen but somewhere around the blue publish button at the bottom the word count appears when words are typed, but it is in a lighter colour than the rest of the text.

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