Tell Me Something Good – May 22, 2017

We had a great time with lots of laughing when all the family save one met at my home for my oldest grandson-23-birthday last night.  17 yr old g.s. helped me lift huge pots as we made dinner and my daughter made the birthday cake.  The guest of honor is a firefighter so she made the cake below.  It was quite a hit!  (And she is talented)😉💓





Have a wonderful week and hug a firefighter!💓

16 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good – May 22, 2017

  1. There is a firestation just about 3 minutes of walk from my house… I am very tempted to go there and hug the first fireman in sight, and say “The Bag Lady told me to do it!!” Mouahahahahahaha

    Have a great week too 🙂 xx

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