Cursed Gold

They pulled the boat up near the rocks and secured the line.  Not being discovered yet, the bumbling pair’s confidence grew.  It was just a short sprint up the shoreline to the cave, at least according to the legend.  There were no lights in the tower so the chance they’d be found out was slim.  

The two middle aged scoundrels were down on their luck, through every fault of their own.  Drinking and gambling their meager wages resulted in them barely able to keep their room at the Inn.  The Innkeeper was an old friend and let them stay as long they helped around with the cleaning up each night.  These evenings proffered an opportunity to listen to conversations that might have been more secretly expressed if the two men weren’t observed as regular furniture at the Inn.

It was just such a conversation that led the two on this night of adventure.  While mopping up the night’s spilled liquid libations, one of them overheard the tale. “It’s true, matey, the gold is there!”  The old man went on to explain the legend of a bag of gold bullion hidden in the cave near the obelisk. He also explained the reason it had not been retrieved after all these years was because of a ghost in the tower. “Any scallywag who ventured into the cave never came out!” His companion shook his head in disbelief.  “I’m telling the truth, matey!”

That’s all the mopper had to hear.  He could hardly wait to meet his friend and tell him the story.  They made no real plan, but decided to go the next evening.  As the sun set on the sea, they pulled into the shore and tied up their boat.  They saw no lights, so chuckled to each other about the ghost.  A few yards in, they spotted a dark entrance into what they assumed was the cave the old man told about.  They cautiously entered the cave and lit the lantern they were going to use to guide the boat home.

Deep into the cave they finally spied the treasure.  They looked at each other gleefully and danced a short jig.  Falling on their knees to open the bag, they failed to notice the skeletons laying about.  The air’s chill deepened as another presence joined them.  A quick swish was heard and one of the two men’s heads rolled across the cave floor.  Before the second of the pair could realize what happened, he was also relieved of his head.

The spirit replaced the bag of gold bullion where the two intruders found it, cleaned his sword on the scoundrels’ clothes and walked out.  To this day, the bag of gold has not been taken from the cave.  Legend has it the very first person to try to possess the bullion now protects it.  These days it’s not referred to as a cursed bag of gold, only a pirate legend.   

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