Daily Prompt:  Panicked

I’m not a person who panics. I’m usually calm when needed. I came close when my kids were little and we drove up the road to the top of Mount Evans in Colorado. I don’t know what its like there at the present time, but forty years ago, it was a plain road and at the summit, a small structure, not inhabited. It was a tourist spot because of the view, but there were no railings or fences to prevent you from stepping off.

It was a ways from our home so the kids were anxious to leave the car. As soon as we stopped, they leaped out of the car and scrambled to a rocky peak. I couldn’t move fast enough it seemed, to grab them. When I did, I was shocked to see we were literally on the edge of a huge precipice. If they had taken another step, or tripped, or lost their balance, they would have been gone.

The picture above shows what it looks like today.  That tiny building in the middle of the rocks is what was there when we visited.  The larger structure and observatory weren’t there.

That’s when I think, someone is watching over us.  



3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Panicked

  1. Scary…
    My middle daughter was very adventurous. One day she began clambering up a steep cliff when my back was turned, and I couldn’t get her to come down, so I had to climb up behind her. I was a good climber, but I was terrified – I had to be ready to catch her if she fell. She didn’t fall – she thought it was hilarious that I followed her up.

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