Picture Prompt-132 Safety First!

“Good afternoon, folks!  Welcome to the highest waterfall in Colorado!  I’m so glad you joined us today, but first, a few safety rules to follow.  There is a barrier rail for a reason.  The falls descend over a thousand feet under us, and I don’t think you’d like to see that up close.  The rocks and ledges are dangerous and slippery, so please stay inside the enclosure at all times.”

The guide spotted an elderly woman “escaping”, possibly to get a better photo.  “Hey, lady!  Didn’t you just hear the announcement?”  She was definitely outside the railing and venturing off on the rocks.  He dropped his microphone to retrieve her before an accident occurred. 

Hurrying over the gate nearest the woman, he landed on a wet ledge, slipping and then losing his balance.  This resulted in him falling between the rail and the flowing water.  Nothing to grab onto, while the shocked, incredulous onlookers watched, he disappeared into the deep crevasse.  

The woman, probably hard of hearing over the roar of the waterfall didn’t notice a thing and went unknowingly to her huge RV.

A disappointed onlooker, thinking his tour ticket wasted, said “Guess the tour’s over” and slunk back to his vehicle.



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