Picture Prompt-128

As I descended the stairs of the old bridge, I saw it.  The answer to my quest.  All I have to do now is retrieve it.  I believe it will save them.  Legend has told me so.  One single pink flower plucked from the stream is all I need.  The woodland creatures are counting on me, because they can’t go into this enchanted place themselves.  

Alice told me of their plight, and as her older sister, I must try.  I never believed in her tales of these fairies and sprites, but then one evening, I saw them.  We were just playing outside one summer, trying to catch fireflies.  A secret smile crossed Alice’s face and she quietly pointed to a tiny being on a rose petal.  “See?  I told you they were real.”  I was thrilled to actually see the small fairy.  From then on we would have so many exciting times watching the small beings.  They seemed fearless in our presence and now they needed my help.  

My sister told me of the legend of this special bloom.  It was a rare flower and only seen by true believers.  Once I picked the bloom it would not appear again for a decade.  Its power would help protect the forest creatures for the next ten years and then another would be chosen to find it.  It was a matter of faith and trust between the woodland beings and little girls like Alice who believe.




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