Wordle 152 – The Lieutenant

Her wardrobe was light and comfortable, for the afternoon was hot and humid. Her usual attire because of being an officer in the Air Force, was heavy, and it was good to be free of it today. She was a tall, good looking woman of thirty, and even though she was a Lieutenant, she didn’t let the petulant attitude of the enlisted men bother her or cause disharmony. They could be her, as long as they worked hard, followed the rules, and gave in to the “system”. That is what takes discipline in the armed forces to get ahead.

She left the cool, air conditioned house to travel down to the local diner. They served home cooked food she grew up with, unlike the everyday fare she consumed at the office. She could kill for some of the diner’s apple pie, baked as her mom used to do. It was almost nostalgic, visiting the diner. She missed her parents, now both passed on. She had a good life now, the liberosis of the past was no longer an issue. She is a well established officer on her way up the ladder, at least that is her goal.

Entering the diner, she was glad to notice their air conditioning was also working. It was just a mom and pop business and they always greeted her as a friend. She recommended this little place to her subordinates, thinking they might miss their own home cooked meals. The waitress came to her table with her usual appetizer, homemade biscuits and marmalade.