Secret Keeper #86 – The Race Driver

Everyone was dressed in their favorite racer’s colors, so the stadium was filled with bright colors. Quite a sight for the television viewers. Jack was anxious for his brother in the pit. John had been racing for about ten years, and was an accomplished driver. However the newer cars, their abilities for more and more speed worried his brother. Jack had never been in the pit with his brother. It was too much to see him stuff himself in what Jack thought was a potential death trap. Higher stakes, faster cars, and the media had all become so outlandish, danger was at an all time high.

Of course John thought just the opposite. He read the risks as worth taking. He wanted to score the highest speed in the race and still survive to collect the winnings. John believed none of media’s hype. His intention was to do the best he could, not get careless, and finish in the top three, preferably first. The enticing part of it of course, was the danger, the speed and how far he could stretch it without being negligent or intentionally harming other drivers.

Jack was drinking his beer rapidly. It didn’t take much of this waiting for the race to be completed, for his nerves to kick in. He barely listened to John’s wife as she was going on about how John looked in the new racing suit. They had a new sponsor, albeit a cigar company, which neither of them smoked. That didn’t stop John from posing, fake-smoking one. A sponsor is a much needed asset in order to race at all. The bigger, more well known company, the better.  

Posing for pictures and accepting logos on your vehicle is just another part of racing. Just as making sure to keep your fans happy, signing autographs, t-shirts, even female body parts. John knew this and didn’t shy away from it. His wife accepted it as part of the business. She didn’t necessarily enjoy it, but she did like the rewards of the winnings.

The time for the start came and Jack braced himself as he saw his little brother climb into the car. John’s wife was standing up yelling for her husband and as the cars started revving their engines ready to begin, the whole crowd was screaming for their favorites.  

As the cars eased onto the track, they started vying for the best position. John was no exception. He didn’t want to be too eager, so was taking it easy at first. He spotted the intended winner, so his target was defined. Unfortunately another racer had the same idea. As they both tried to move into a better position, they started to weave into a similar path. In a split second the two cars collided and John’s car struck the outside wall, causing him to overturn. As the other car swerved from impact, he also rolled off the track.

Jack was relieved to see John safely exit his vehicle.

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