Sunday Photo Fiction


Cleaning is not my strong point

Being alone, keep a pretty neat joint

Now some appliances can be annoying

Like vacuum cords always cloying

Around or under my chair’s wheels

So irritating, you know how it feels

I’ve threatened to throw it through the roof

But into a tree? What a goof!


11 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. My vacuum cleaner, is made by those clever people at Dyson. It is like a glorified dust buster. The only cord, is one that attaches to the charger. So, it’s cordless. It comes with different attachments, crevice tool, power head, brushes and of course pipes to extend the reach
    It’s not inexpensive. Yet it is good. My sister does her whole house with one. As I do my apartment. One charge with power left over.
    I don’t know whether that helps? Maybe if you can persuade your family to all chip in?
    Cheers Jamie

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