A to Z Challenge, I is for Intimidation

Intimidation can be fun.  No, I’m serious!  A perfect example lies below.  You know by my moniker I love rugby.  In my opinion it is the ultimate team sport.  From my observation I see no particular showoffs competing in front of the camera for a blurb in the sports’ news.  I see team action.  Below is a video of my favorite team, the New Zealand All Blacks, performing their Haka. The second video is Prince Harry with the New Zealand Army.



7 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge, I is for Intimidation

  1. When I saw the title and the bit about it being fun It reminded me off a poster I saw… A shark fin and a quote about leadership being derived through hard work and determination backed up by intimidation… something like that anyway. One of my bosses had it hanging in his office (laugh) Sorry thought I’d share.

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  2. While the Maori-rooted hakas are, indeed, intimidating, few people know that Hawai’ian hulas evolved from the trainings and martial arts of the ancient Hawai’ian warriors in the male expression, as well as honoring Nature and all her gifts in the female expressions. One of my dear friends, a master hula teacher, made his transition out of this world and onto his next adventure recently. While with us, watching him dance hula was a joy to behold. Thanks for bringing him to mind, Cheryl. xoxoM

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    1. Thanks for that information. When we visited the Polynesian Center in Hawaii, we saw similar acts of intimidation represented by the Samoan Islands. That center was the highlight of our trip.

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