A to Z Challenge   H is for Hat


 You know those foil hats from the fifties? Wear one and you will be protected from aliens, electromagnetic signals, government spying? I think it’s time to invest in these. Sure some say it’s paranoia causing the need for these hats, but have you read the news lately? I think it’s time that paranoia is becoming daily truth. 

Sending in “readiness” ships to prevent becoming unaware of impending attack, should cause us to be a bit paranoid, don’t you think? This trigger happy, nonchalant leader of ours is a threat to our country with his attitude. I’m not saying we should back down, but you don’t walk up to a dog and take his bone, especially a dog that is waiting for you, maybe even wanting you to try. Not unless you want a fight where you’ll probably lose your hand in the process, and ultimately lose anyway. Starting a missile firing contest between any set of countries is just stupid! We will all pay for this leader’s in-discretionary tactics.


15 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge   H is for Hat

  1. I have mine on, right now. Hat that is … hehe. Sorry to spoil any delusions, if I say. Hillary would be doing the same. Governments are in the control of bankers. Not the electorate or even their representatives. Blackmail is how they are controlled. That and the investments. JFK tried to divest the country from the bankers and looked what happened to him. The Bush crime syndicate, is descended from Prescott Bush and JP Morgan. Fascist zionists who were Helping Adolph in his rise to power. Stalin was educated by Jesuits. Guess what? Both Mr. Pence And Mr. Kaine educated by Jesuits also. Jesuits are a breed apart. So, it should not come as a surprise to see Mr. Trump back off of his previous stance. He’s told to. The bankers run the USA not the President. He’s just a figurehead and the sooner people realize that, the better IMO.

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  2. We knew he was paving the way to war when he submitted a budget that increases military spending and decreases spending for what people who are alive require, Cheryl. Don’t need the foil hats to figure that out! No point in fretting or losing sleep over it. Just be alert to what we need to do next. xoM

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    1. Yes. There are parts of the military spending that we do need, better equipment for the boots on the ground, for instance. But he’s flirting dangerously with N Korea

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