Picture Prompt-94

Where am I?  I was sleeping, in my room, in my bed, in this nightgown…and now, where in the world am I?  I’m all right, I don’t have any shoes, but I’m okay.  The field is beautiful, look at the colors!  Maybe I’m not okay, I’m talking to myself.  The breeze is warm and so is the sun.  This can only be a dream because my room is cold, and frost was gathering on my window.  But feel the warmth, it’s wonderful.  The scent of the flowers in the air…. The grass is also warm, and soft on my feet.  I wonder if this is what heaven looks like? Is that a bird, maybe a bee buzzing?  What is that?

Bzzzzzzzz!  “Time to wake up, time to wake up”,……. the talking alarm clock…….ugh!



4 thoughts on “Picture Prompt-94

  1. I hear you in silent whispers

    In the whistling of the winds.

    I feel you in my heart,

    as the sun warms my skin.

    I see you dancing in the grass,

    Among the flowers and tall trees.

    I like the photo prompt so thought I would give this a go. It’s not a finished poem but I thought I’d share with you my first attempt at it

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