Picture Prompt-93

They said all I had to do was climb up here to the top and I would find them.  I realize it was just a legend, but why did they insist I would find them?  Possibly they appear when the sun sets.  It won’t be long, think I’ll wait.  

I’ve always wanted to travel back in time.  I know there will be consequences, but I don’t have anything holding me here.  I might even see her again, in the past.  Of course there’s no guarantee and my destination is unknown, but I’ve come this far.  No use in doubting it can happen.  The legend, according to the villagers in the pub, is that during a blue moon you may be accepted by the stones and travel.  Past or future, no one knows.  The travelers have all passed away now, but the legend still lives on.

I’ll just rest a while here, waiting for the sunset.  Then it’s promised to be a blue moon tonight.  I’ll just rest a bit….I hear a wolf howling, I must have fallen asleep.  There it is, the blue moon!  So where are the stones?  I hear a giggle, an eerie high pitched laugh, like a child’s.  “You’re just a fool, boy, there’s no stones gonna appear!”  More insidious giggles from a tiny green man sitting close by on a  rock.



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