Share Your World – March 20, 2017

Good evening! Some of you are just getting up, some are snoozing-you lucky ducks, and some of you are eating dinner, like me. Answers to Cee’s questions today:

1. Age never meant anything to me until last year when I turned seventy, now THAT’S old! My other birthdays didn’t bother me, but this one was a lifeline, since my mom died at seventy. Somehow I thought if I got to this age, I would be here a while. I’ll borrow a quote from a movie, “I AM acting my age…….eleven!”

2. I’ve purchased many umbrellas and don’t have any of them now. It doesn’t rain much here in Wyoming, and every one I ever had ended up in someone else’s car or home.  

3. I really don’t need to recharge like most people with busy lives. I relax by watching a movie or reading. Being on your own has its advantages.

4. I have no partner, spouse at the present time. My husband of forty-seven years and I were total opposites. Yes they attract alright, but we had nothing in common. I’ll leave it there. My best friends live two thousand miles away. I’ve had great friends in my stays in other states and appreciate them very much.  

I’m grateful that the investigation into wiretapping by Obama should now be officially over. I think it was a horrid slight on the best president we’ve had in years.

I am looking forward to Mr. T finally realizing his vicious tweets do no one any good, especially himself.  Just found out we’re going to “Beauty and the Beast” tomorrow!

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