Sunday Photo Fiction- March 19, 2017 (language alert)


“Put your arm around me, you twit!  This is supposed to be a romantic scene, and you’re just standing there like your last knave just died!  I said, put your arm around me, at least try to appear interested!”

Faking attempt at affection, the actor half heartedly drooped his arm over her shoulder.  She was such a bitch and he only had two more nights of this hell with her.  Then he could pursue his dream, playing Hamlet off Broadway.  The only reason he had that opportunity was putting up with this role for a few weeks.  “When I act as Hamlet, people will see me for my true acting ability.” He nudged the actress, almost pushing her into the rail.

“Watch it, you oaf, two more nights and I’ll be done with you, if you live that long.”  She had put up with his overacting, forgetting lines and general awkwardness for six weeks, only two days to go.  Surely her experience and reputation could last a while longer.  She purposely stepped on his foot, hard.  He uttered a protest.

Projecting her voice to the audience, she smiled and spoke with her best English accent, “My lord, surely you jest?”

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