Daily Prompt:  Conquer

 Most of us have good days and bad days. That’s an ordinary way to describe it, isn’t it? Having your car break down on a busy highway when you just invested $500 in it the week before, that seems to qualify. Having lost a bet on your favorite sports team, getting bruised while playing softball, having the wind destroy your just raked leaves on the lawn, wifi out for an hour, all these might seem like you are having a bad day.

I would call these unfortunate nuisances. A really bad day for someone who has depression, serious, mind blowing depression, doesn’t even compare to a bad day. Sometimes it is something that you cannot conquer. Especially by yourself. A friend describes it in horrifying pictures and extremely sad words. All the while I have to realize there is nothing I can do to help.  

A very good day would be when researchers “conquer” with a cure for this disease.


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