I have this feeling often, hollow. It’s been in and out of my mind and body since my husband died in 2013. Married for almost fifty years, the Esophageal cancer that took his life was a complete surprise. He was not a smoker and not an alcoholic. No relatives of his had it, but his mother died of breast cancer. Like most men of his generation, he was “too tough” to go to the doctor. Even when he kept losing weight, we couldn’t force him to go. I was sick myself at the time, so probably couldn’t have dragged him to the doctors even if I was strong enough.

This cancer has a ten percent survival rate no matter what you do. The trick is to catch it early. These are the symptoms:

Esophageal cancer symptoms

One of the most common symptoms of esophageal cancer is difficulty swallowing, also known as dysphagia. Other common esophageal cancer symptoms may include:

Reflux symptoms

Abdominal pain

Pain or burning in the throat or chest

Unexplained weight loss

Heartburn or indigestion


Chronic hiccups

Chronic cough


Frequent choking while eating food 

Please be aware of these. For years my husband ate Rolaids like candy. So I’m sure these symptoms were present for quite a while. After radiation and chemotherapy, we encouraged him to go to Denver for an operation. We were hopeful he might get at least five years more. Complications caused a second operation which he did not want. He ended up with pneumonia and after a month in the hospital, he called to say he was done. Hospice attended and my middle son was with him at the end.

As for all types of cancer, you need to be aware of the different symptoms and not be afraid or too nonchalant to check them out.


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  1. I had never heard of it until I researched Barrettes Which I was diagnosed with late last year which is basically pre cancerous cells which were shown when a camera was put down my throat. I had all the symptoms you described but I did not take the medication! For fear of other side effects, stupid now I know. I now have to take medication daily and have another camera procedure in 5 years. Barrettes is very common and does not always developed into full blown cancer. Thanks for raising the awareness of this very sensitive medical condition. If it helps someone and they seek help soon enough you have probably saved their life. So sorry for your loss. 🌹

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  2. I empathize your feeling of hollow. Nothing can fill that emptiness. I was the first one in my family who had cancer. So when I had diverticulum in my esophagus, I took any tests that the doctor could think of. I’m thankful that it was okay. Take care!

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    1. I’m okay. But you do get that feeling once in a while. It’s helped a lot to be here, expressing feelings and writing. Love the bloggers I’ve met here and thankful for them.

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