Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practioner-Week 11-200 Words

I just can’t do it. I can’t falsify this record. If he made a mistake, he has to own up to it. This isn’t accounting when you erase and substitute what you think the amount is, it’s someone’s life, for Pete’s sake. Or in this case, someone’s death. Doctor Blake was incredulous when Dr. Jones asked him to change the information on the records. 

 I warned him to not make another mistake concerning the patient’s information records. Everything has to be checked, rechecked, and not left up to the admissions office or a computer. The physician is responsible to check all information with the patient or if they’re unable to communicate, their family or emergency contact.

When the patient, Mr. Smith came into the emergency room, he was badly injured, but coherent. His information was taken by a busy hospital employee, and written down quickly. In Mr. Smith’s case the allergy to Fentanyl was written illegibly and misinterpreted for Fiorinal.

Dr. Jones was the attending physician for Mr. Smith, and prescribed the pain killer Fentanyl. He had a severe allergic reaction and stopped breathing. Unfortunately for Smith, Dr. Jones didn’t doublecheck the information with him before administering the drug Fentanyl.