Clowns *Adults Only*

Does anyone else hate clowns?   I have never liked them.  Not clowns in the circus, dolls of clowns, and certainly not the creepy looking ones in Cirque du Soleil. I’m not talking about the tasseled-hat men in the hometown parade with their little tiny cars.  I’m talking about the really creepy ones like the one in Stephen King’s “It”.  That was the scariest book I ever read.  My husband and I were reading it together at night, and we both lost sleep over it.  Then the movie came out.  Of course we had to see it.  I get chills now, years later, just thinking of it.  That face, that voice, still gives me the creeps.

I don’t like drains of any kind, not in the tub, pools, roads, or sidewalks.  Some horrible thing must have happened in my childhood to cause this fear, but I’m glad I don’t remember it.  After reading the book, watching the movie, I cannot pass by a drain without thinking there is probably something evil down there.


6 thoughts on “Clowns *Adults Only*

  1. Aidin

    I flinched when that face popped up on my reader. I was round three yrs. old when it was released, but my siblings would watch it. To this day, I still get a little scared when I have to close my eyes in the shower.

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  2. Can’t sleep the clowns will eat me!

    I love IT, it had the opposite effect on me I wanted more, I wanted to see evil clowns. The movie was ok but there was so much information in the book it was always going to be hard to make a movie from. But the scenes in the drain are some of my favourite scenes. I’m not looking forward to the remake of IT because I don’t think anyone can do Pennywise the justice that Tim Curry did.

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