Flash Fiction – Week 10

He’s touching me!

I am not, it’s Harry, he touches everybody.

You’re pushing me, I’m going to fall off!

Well if you fall off, just join those wimpy guys inside.

Hey, we’re not wimps, it’s warm in here.

 Charlie, keep your paws to yourself!

Uh, sorry, Kate, it’s just so crowded up here.

Joe, sweetie, your whiskers are tickling my nose, you’re so cute!

Shelly,  I just love your little beady eyes, dear. 

Crowding to the right from Whitey and his brother Biggie.

Okay everybody off to the left.  Whitey’s crowding as usual.

Tiny pops up, big ears showing.

Hey, look out there!  Is it cheese?  I think it’s cheese!  Come on guys, let’s check it out!

So goes a day in the life of mice.



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