Sunday Photo Fiction-2-26-2017

Hit the glass you salty little darling. Vodka just isn’t the same without you. You’re just the first of many that I’ll add. What’s a little bit of salt when the real problem is the liquid that you’re falling into? If I add enough of you, maybe it will be so satisfying I won’t need to add any more vodka. 

A second drink wouldn’t be so terrible would it? Yes, I’m hungry, not for food, just for you, in my liquid refreshment. Funny how it’s called refreshing when it causes just the opposite reaction. But even if I don’t like the taste without you little green beauties, I like the feeling as it goes down. You just help make it palatable. I never used to drink like this. Sitting here alone at the table. But that was before I had you as my friends. I like talking to you because you only listen. No one else listens anymore.

Here you go, a couple more to keep you company. Try not to splash, I can only afford one more shot before I go home. Soaking in all that liquid makes you both taste much better. Is it you or the vodka?


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