Prompt 2011-First line of the week

The stranger stared at Dora’s package. Not surprising, since it was so oddly shaped and had a bloody handprint on the side. Dora kept on walking, ignoring him as best she could. She had to hurry. The bus being late for her usual pickup was bad enough, but to be dropped at the wrong corner…well it was almost too much. She would be late arriving home, late having dinner, and all because of the bus.  

She hated the fact that Joe made her take the bus. He didn’t think women were capable of driving. But it was 1958 and lots of women drove. He didn’t need the car, he would be right where she left him this morning, sitting on the porch drinking beer. It was his usual pastime on a hot day like this.

She shifted the weight of the package and blood started dripping out of the soaked brown paper. She tried using her apron to stop the leak, but it wasn’t much help. She didn’t usually wear her apron to the market, but this morning she was in a hurry. 

Almost home, she could see her husband where she knew he’d be. She walked up the steps and quickly dropped the package on his lap.

“Here’s your bloody dinner!”


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