Daily Prompt:  Jiggle

Did you hear the rumor

WP has a sense of humor

It must be true

With today’s prompt view

I couldn’t help but giggle

When I saw the prompt, jiggle.

Now being older

I have to admit

Parts of me do jiggle a bit.

Okay, a lot…..

But here’s a thought

When you’re younger 

You take it for granted

That everything will stay

Where it’s planted.

Sad to say this just isn’t true

Especially after age 52

Or so, depending on exercise

Or activities, to be precise

Smoking and drinking also come into view

Wrinkles and sagging in your mirror, too

But really, no need to fear

Personality still holds dear

Everyone ages, I’m not lying

Just face it, better than dying.

I can write that and sit here smug

Lying in bed under a rug

I’ll close with the daily prompt jiggle

Which won’t happen if you don’t wiggle.



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