Unexpected Love

Their love was never written about in books. They were enemies as far as anyone knew. Their lives came together in a moment of survival. What developed after that was a true miracle of nature.

It started when she was cub, wandering away from her mother, and was set upon by another cougar, a large male. He had been alone for too long, and was starving. He was watching the cub and decided she would suffice for a meal. The wolf was also watching from above. He was wary of the larger cougar, but his instincts were to protect the cub. A fight ensued and the older, weaker cougar was killed. The wolf was then aware the cub could not survive on her own, and from then on he protected her. Under his watchful eye, she grew fast, and being so young at their first meeting, her natural instincts were also subsided.
As she grew they depended on each other, hunting and feeding. This relationship blossomed into a dependency and a bond of love. There are no legends or love stories told about these two. In fact they may have been the only natural enemies that ended up being together for life.


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