100 Word Wednesday

As he drove up to the old cabin he was anxious with anticipation. He had been planning this for weeks. She took her time replying, but finally said yes two days ago. He had time to shop for all the necessary items, food, wine, candles, flowers. Perfection he thought, as he unpacked it all and set up the cabin. He started a fire and made sure there was plenty of wood brought in. Nothing should distract them. Meeting her again was a dream he planned, and this time he would not hesitate. He checked his pocket for the ring box.

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7 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday

  1. I think that’s the type of cabin my ex. wanted to live in? While it looks so very desirable? I could outline the problems of full time living in such an environment. How far away is the road? Because packing in groceries or books. Right off the bat becomes daunting. Cheers Jamie.

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    1. Ha, we had two ..mammoths. Very large breed of Donkey. They are very sweet animals but also fearsome if dogs try to harass them …. Famers in the States, now use donkeys in their herds and flocks, to keep coyote at bay. Not to mention the town dogs. I was sorry to leave them with my ex. Cabin in the woods? Nah …!Cheers Jamie.

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    2. Sometimes I wonder why they are less popular, than they are? A cousin of mine, through marriage, lived in Colorado and helped run a donkey rescue organization. Small world …. The intriguing thing about that picture is the ladder propped against the roof. That’ll be one heavy ladder … Maybe it’s for cleaning off needles? Cheers Jamie.

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