Not a cup for a left handed person

“That’s not a cup for a left handed person”, I told my son at Christmas. We were all gathered at my apartment and as they helped themselves to drinks, my clean cups were on top of the dishwasher as always. I keep them there to access them easily. Of course I have others in the dining room cabinet, but most guests just use what’s handy. And that’s the way I like it. I have a favorite cup I use with a wolf on it, but it has a missing piece on one side, not big, but enough to possibly cut your lip. My son sat next to me and was using that cup. I said to him what I wrote above, because being left handed, his lip would be touching the broken side. Nothing happened and he just laughed.  

I was thinking of that this morning as I filled that same cup with coffee. The idea came to me that what I said is a metaphor for some things in life. You may think you can conquer every task but some might not even be the ones meant for you. I might want to see the top of Mount Everest but that’s not for me. With all the positive messages in the world there are some things not possible. Of course you are now thinking that is too high a goal for me and of course it’s not possible. You are certainly right. For some things in life you may not be suited. That’s my only point here. I’m not saying to take the easy way out. But I think it’s better and more realistic to have reasonable expectations. I know I’ve been a speaker for dreams and dislike of the word reality before. I’m not changing my mind. Just watch out for the cracks in your cup.


3 thoughts on “ Not a cup for a left handed person

  1. When my mother and father were still dating, they went to a bar one night and the waitress brought my father a mug of beer with the handle on his left side.
    ‘Oh no,’ my father said. ‘What’s wrong,’ asked my mother. ‘The waitress gave me a mug for lefties. I’m a righty.’
    My mother was genuinely and honestly concerned. ‘Should we call her back and ask for the right mug,’ she asked my father.
    ‘Oh no, it’s okay,’ he said. And then he just turned the mug around. ‘It’s all fixed now.’
    My father loves to play jokes on my mother. Hahah.

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