Daily Prompt:  Devastation

My grandkids were talking of creation

Arguing, discussing how such a nation

Could happen, they both had their notions

Of how people and land, even oceans

Were started and I just listened to hear what they thought

Of course the church school student was taught

About Adam and Eve and how it began

The older one tried to speak of the Big Bang

Interesting listening to these kids under twenty

Of how the world started with ideas aplenty.

It’s a marvelous thing, the ideas of youth

I am quiet, trying not to appear uncouth.

I think all the answers about creation

Might prove both of them right, 

Oh, the devastation!



3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Devastation

    1. I read it, I’m sorry you hate it so. Getting no sleep at night is a pita for sure. I’m glad you have your mom to help. Maybe a change of jobs is possible? Good luck in whatever you decide. For now, get some sleep!


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