The Worst Job in Cheyenne

I believe the worst job you could have in Cheyenne is a trash collector, garbage man, refuse retriever, whatever is PC these days.  Tonight it’s not the neighbors that ruin sleep, it’s the wind.  Tomorrow at six a.m. the trucks arrive to pick up the trash bins.  This complex has quite a few, but they are always overloaded.  The trucks have those grippers that rise up, reach down and bring up the bin, dropping the contents into the large back of the truck.  Even with this convenience, there are people who have to police the area and leave it clean.

Imagine the night before pickup and the strong winds we get.  Put yourself in the place of one of the people, on a cold blustery morning, running after pieces of trash.  I just had an idea…..what if they utilized unwanted dogs from the pound to retrieve these blowing bits of trash?  The dogs would think it was play and the men would get a break.  The wind isn’t going to stop.  Overloading trash bins isn’t going to stop either.  I think my plan might work.  What do you think?


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