Picture Prompt-31

Yes, drapes wide open. Typical, with his ego. Yes, she’s there, too. I knew it. He has lied for the last time. And he’s not getting away with it. I’ve made sure that the people on the subway platform noticed me. I even asked the time from an older woman so hopefully she will also remember me.

It’s almost time, he should hear the knock any moment. I’ll bet he won’t even dress to answer the door! He’s looking at her, they’re on the bed, naked, of course, and suddenly they part. He rises to, answer the door? I hope. My plan is working so far. 

He’s not coming back. I can’t see anything but the bedroom. The woman looks distressed, grabs her robe and tries to hide in the closet.  

I rest my head on the machine. Did it work? Is he gone? It seems an eternity till I look again and see the police searching the bedroom and find the woman. 

Mission accomplished. I turn away from the machine and calmly walk down to the subway.



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