Share Your World -01-09-2017

1. If I lost a bet and had to dye my hair? Platinum blonde. You don’t expect to see a seventy year old woman in pb hair, so it would definitely give some a laugh. I’m sorry to say every other color is the norm for some old ladies. I’m a “never dye my hair” diehard.

2. One word I would concentrate on this year would be patience. I don’t have enough to go around, especially in writing, and dealing with “loading” things on electronic devices.

3. Something I learned that “made my year” was that people in general are more alike than we could imagine, out there in the world – your writings, your photographs, are very inspiring. I’m grateful for all of you, broadening my horizons with your words and pictures.

4. I would love to revisit my childhood and find a pail of wild strawberries. Sitting on the grassy strawberry patch, savoring those little bits of heaven, what a treat!

I am grateful this week for advice from a blog friend who took the time to answer a personal question. Thank you.

I’m looking forward to going to the grocery to replenish my dwindling supply of kleenex, since my cold has used most of them. I also need fresh fruit to brighten up my menu of the past two weeks, hot soup meals.

I am wishing warmer weather, sunshine, and good happenings to everyone! (A bit too Pollyanna?). Oh well..😂😂

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