Just Jot it Jan-01-09-17-Power

Last night I had the experience 

Of others not being lenient

They were using their power

At an ungodly hour

It was three in the morning

And without warning

Sounds of a motor pervaded

My room below, it invaded.

Now I’m all for cleaning

But at that hour? Demeaning!

I tried pillows and headphones

No luck to stop those tones

Rumbling and then an occasional drop

As the plugins were changed, so it stopped

Temporarily while furniture slid 

‘Cross the floor. How could I rid

Myself of this onslaught

Of noise? Then I thought

I could make them cower

Disconnecting their power.
#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 9th/17


97 thoughts on “Just Jot it Jan-01-09-17-Power

    1. I aspire to be a stupidhead some days.

      And believe it or not I do spend my time writing, saved time should probably be spent with the kids.

      I haven’t written as much today, but I have done some writing and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my book.

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    2. I haven’t washed the dishes yet today, but they will need doing soon. I did do some washing though.

      And would it matter if it was too harsh, I could be drying here and you would still pick on me 😦

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    3. And my Windows and coming through the door lock.This might give you a laugh as it did me:When they installed the new door it had a peephole in it. They asked me to come try it to see if I could open and close it myself. I looked at the door and had a laughing fit. The guys soon started chuckling but didn’t know why. I said, it has the peephole, and then they realized, it was for a standing person. Even if I could pull myself up with nothing to hold onto, I still wouldn’t be tall enough. Sometimes you have to laugh instead of getting frustrated you can’t do something.

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    4. It’s weird but as much as I hate the wind I do go out the morning after and look for things that have moved. It used to be worse on the farm, the farm was 45ks from home so we could have calm weather at home and go out to the farm to find trees down over fences and all sorts of things.

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    5. Do as I say not as I do πŸ™‚
      One or two of yours I would have liked to see where you went, and while I accept people want to see the same from me from time to time there are stories I like to end early, and for different reasons.

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    6. Sometimes for me its a case of the ending may be too long, it might be a case of too much same same, it might be I can’t figure out the end. But there is always the idea that leaving something open does two things, one allows the reader to use their own mind and two allows an opening if I wanted to go back one day.

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