Yogurt?  Yes or No?

You have to be seriously insane to eat yogurt.  I never touch anything milk related and soured milk?  Forget it.  But in a pleasant job on the first floor of an office building, I cooked, cleaned, sold sundries, etc to office workers.  It was a fun job.  The owner, my boss, was a great woman, clearly the opposite of me.  Tall, blonde, beautiful wife of a Denver Bronco.  She ate yogurt everyday and insisted I try it.  The brand we sold was Meadowgold.  I tried it.  It was like nonguilt ice cream!  Of course here I can’t get it and even in a town in CO where they had a Meadowgold dairy business, it wasn’t available.  So I’ve tried others.  My current favorite is the Noosa brand.  

The reason I say you have to be out of your mind to eat it, is you take off the foil cover and what you see is disgusting!  Watery white and pinkish blue (blueberry flavor) soggy looking mess.  I bypass this by stirring it thoroughly and achieve a mini blueberried creamy delight.  I love ice cream, but yogurt isn’t bad for a (sweetish) treat.



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  1. Been eating and making yoghurt since 1970’s. The yoghurt found in India then, was fantastic. It’s called lassi and comes in many flavours. Mostly the ones found in N.America, pale by comparison. It’s good for the gut and sometimes used in treating infections. Cheers Jamie.

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