Visual Prompt-1953

Which road should I take? Does it make a difference? I’ve never been to any of these places before. I don’t even know what country I’m in! I was just laying on my couch, thinking of where I would like to visit, and woke up here! Am I in England, Scotland, Wales? I have no idea. I was watching PBS Masterpiece Mystery and thinking I would love to visit Sussex, or Oxford. I must be dreaming!  

I walked up to the signpost, touched it, it was real! The smell of green grass was real, as I bent down to feel it. What miracle is this? Is this time travel? What year is it? The sign looks old and weathered.  Oh, my god, where is everyone?

I decided to take the road on the left.  It was easy to walk on, and, it looks like there might be a house up a ways.  I looked down to notice my slippers had changed to laced up boots.  And my clothes, they weren’t mine!  It was an old Army uniform from the First World War.  I knew because it was the same uniform my grandfather wore in a picture I had.  Oh, my god, what’s happening?  It must be a dream…..time travel, me?  No, it can’t be!

I walked down the road and noticed a house on the left.  Maybe I could use their phone.  I cautiously walked up the path and a door opened.  Out flew a woman in an old dress, apron, and long hair flowing.  She ran and threw her arms around me.  I was shocked and tried to step back, but her grip had me tight.  The shock of her around me was nothing compared to what I saw in the doorway.  The man standing in the doorway looked as stunned as I felt.  It was my grandfather!


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  1. Maybe surprisingly? You can find even older signposts than that one, On the Edgware Road, London. Tucked away in walls. A person can find the stone markers, on that old Roman road.

    This video link, also explains some.

    Many of the ancient pathways of first nations. Have been obliterated since occupation of this continent. Medicine wheels were not always based on star alignments. Some of them, were direction markers.

    People in North America seem to think? There was no history here before, the occupation of the lands.

    Cheers Jamie

    Cheers Jamie


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