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I know a little about renewal. Actually, I started this blog on that concept. Changes that occur in your life, renewing your body, your attitude, and your perspective.

In 2013 I lost my husband of 47 years to Esophageal cancer. He wasn’t a smoker, chewer, or much of a drinker, but was attacked just the same. Since my brother in law died of the same disease I knew the cure rate was only ten percent. However we tried everything and he ended up suffering a month in the hospital after two operations, and called it quits. I don’t blame him at all. He was courageous.  

In 2014 I joined my family here in WY. Everything was different. From a small town in Colorado to a small city in Wyoming, and an old house built in 1940 to a small, brand new apartment. My legs started to give out on me unexpectedly at times and after a few falls, it was decided I needed a wheelchair. Bummer! But at that time I also had a three wheeled scooter so going to nearby stores for necessities was okay. Note: Do not ever, ever, get a three wheeled scooter – they tip, easily! Very dangerous. I found that out in July 2015 when I turned it over in the Safeway parking lot and broke a bone in my hip. Not your usual grocery fun trip.

I like it here in this city very much. Everyone I’ve met with the exception of **one X-ray technician has been very nice. I take the curb to curb bus to my appointments and to the VA hospital when I volunteer.

**I have to tell you of this technician, because it is pretty funny when you think of it. I was having a test to determine if my bladder cancer/urostomy results were okay, no reoccurrence, etc. It involves being on a huge flat table with a liquid injected so it rolls around in that area to illuminate your insides. (Technical term). Since I can’t feel most of my legs and feet I don’t have control over them. A woman technician wanted me to get up on the table, okay, did with help. Then she tipped the table so I was standing up. I kept slipping. She grabbed my ankles and slammed them together, saying, stand still! I said I can’t control what they’re doing and they won’t hold me up. Finally the doctor who was going to administer the IV solution helped me. I tried to roll the way I was asked but had nothing to pull myself with or hang on to to stay in that position long enough for the X-rays to be taken while the liquid traveled there. Quite an experience. I think she probably hates her job. 

So, just one out of hundreds of medical personnel I’ve encountered. So I feel lucky. The bladder cancer and resulting urostomy was a big change and I’ve written about it here before in some of my first blogs — Oh, THAT kind of Bag, Accepting Change, and Be Like the Boy Scouts, Be Prepared. 

It’s all about renewal, accepting what life gives you, getting through to the other side, and hopefully sprinkling in humor along the way. I’m not taking all of this lightly, of course. I have days when I don’t want to get out of bed. When I first experienced the result of BC, I had huge leaks, woke up soaking wet, and thought, okay, I’m not getting up. I’m just going to lay here until I rot away and die. It took three months before I found the right appliance, yes, that’s what they call the bag, and the leaks stopped. That’s when I felt real renewal. Real success, and that I was going to be all right.  

There is always something around the corner. Like the “Jaws” movie…..”just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water….”



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  1. I have a friend who, every time something horrid happens to me, says, “Did you take a photo? You should blog that.” It appears that you have found the same golden lining, Cheryl. Good for you!!!

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