Hamlet had it easy

“To die, to sleep – to sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come…” (Hamlet)

To die, to sleep, perchance to dream?  All I want is to sleep!  One night, no dreams, no thoughts running through my head.

To die? Well I’m not that desperate yet. As a matter of fact I did die once, and before you ask, no, niet, nada. Not a light, not an angel, no pearly gates, nothing. I didn’t even know I actually “passed on” till I read the doctor’s report of my death. Talk about an eyeopener, literally! A second time I thought I was dying and so did everyone else in the room, doctors and nurses included. That was scary, because I realized what was happening.  

This week while family gathered, we were joking around, speaking about the ages of different ones. I mentioned something about I’ll be dead before then, and my daughter pipes up, “weren’t you dead already, a couple of times? You’ll outlive all of us!” We all laughed, and I said, “Oh, my, God help us all!” And I meant it. I’m already getting what I describe as crotchety, proven today by losing patience with my 13 year old grandson. He’s emulating the “drive you nuts, but I’m lovable” style of his older brother. He and his older sister were here to wrap presents and the day before was horribly busy and tiring. Having only two hours sleep, I was not my usually grandma persona. And they don’t believe me if I say that’s enough, I’m serious! Because I’m not usually serious. And they can make me smile even if I’m mad. Does that make me a pushover?

Back to the sleep. After today’s wrapping half the day and entertaining the ten year old tonight, I’m pooped out. A side note, when my first grandson heard that for the first time, he thought it meant something else. See how my mind works? No wonder I can’t sleep! I am physically tired. I’m yawning. Why can’t I sleep? It’s 5:22 AM. I’m writing this because sleep just won’t come. Hamlet had it easy.



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  1. Strangely, or not? As an immigrant to N.America and it’s idioms, caused some hilarity Words like “pooped”, “stuffed” and to some extent “pissed”. All had different entendre’s, in ol’ blighty. Probably the hardest time I had keeping a straight face was meeting some neighbours.

    Their last name was Pratt. They came to look at a car we had for sale. Bill, the father introduced me to his son Randy. Which if you lived in England you would know that a “Randy Pratt” is an oversexed person. Usually male but not necessarily. It was all I could do not to burst out. I turned my head away, to disguise the wry smile.

    Yup, language can be strange. Like this …. https://youtu.be/ZM47Q-64dk8
    Cheers Jamie

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    1. In Britain they use the word Prat, as in pratfall. After i posted. I realized my mistake. We got to know the family quite well. Always said hi to Bill and Suzanne. Randy? He moved away. Nelson B.C. has little opportunity in employment. I made cookies for Bill’s mom Annie, when she passed. They never returned my plate. Even this morning, the thought bought a a memory to my lips. It’s a good honest English name. It’s how slang is ….

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    2. I can edit hill I’m blue and go back the next day and see a mistake. Of course you didn’t mean a typo, but wanted you you know I appreciate your reading and kidding around.😉


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