Prompt-346-150 words or less

“I want real cloth ribbon this year”, I told them. They were hardly listening, spying every new toy on the edge of the aisle so you couldn’t miss them. 

“But mom, don’t you think I’d look nice in this?” Spoken as a (twenty year) four year old who’s too indoctrinated already.

“That’s way too old for you”, six year old sister advises.

I steered the girls to the food court, I just needed to rest.  

When we entered we saw Santa Claus slumped over a table, sleeping. “Santa!” screamed the four year old. “Are you sleeping, Santa?”

The man looked up quickly. “Oh, my dear…..yes, I am. So tired, I’ve been delivering toys”. 

He reached in the large bag beside him and pulled out two gifts for the girls.

“See?” the little one said to her big sister, ” I told you he was real!” 


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