Daily Prompt:  Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm means one thing to me, my friend C. She is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. I heard about her through my daughter and grandchildren. She tutored them in math, and taught the girls how to knit, crochet and quilt; all the while teaching them valuable life lessons. 

C. is an extraordinary woman. She was a nun in her youth, eventually marrying and becoming a lawyer. I officially met her at my granddaughter’s graduation party. I had barely seen her when dropping off or picking up the kids. I feel sorry about that now because when we finally connected, the time was short. The family was moving away along with me. We met for lunches and talks when we could, before I left.

I had the privilege of accompanying this avid volunteer to a nursing home where she played the accordion and sang to the residents. We had great fun. There is nothing insincere about this woman. She gives her whole heart to everyone, and the people she helps with her funny, jolly attitude. She is certainly an individual, in the nicest sense.

Now about eight hours away from her, I realize how privileged I was to meet C.  



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