Daily Prompt:  Moody

What? You think I’m moody?

Quiet and a bit broody?

Well thanks a lot

For that sweet thought.

I used to think I liked you a lot

Before you turned into such a snot.

Just because I’m a bit subdued

Doesn’t mean I’m in a bad mood.

In fact just saying that makes me mad.

I guess you really are a cad.

At first I thought you were very nice

Now you’re as cold as a block of ice.

You think I’m in a mood?

Have a bad attitude?

You ain’t seen nothing yet

Have you seen the scratch on your new Corvette?

Oh yes, my dear

Look right here

That big dent on the drivers side

Oh now, take it easy, no one died.

Gee, sad and depressed, 

Now your new car’s a mess?

And the first payments due?

I see you may have a clue.

Now who’s in a mood?


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Moody

  1. Wow … payback is a b**ch. My own car is more modest, than a ‘vette. It’s loved nonetheless. It’s still just a car, right? If, like, if I did own a ‘vette. I would also have insurance for that sort of thing. Moody? We all have moods. I try to keep mine even; yet every so often when the wind is at my back. Watch out. I’m an Aries in western astrology and an Ox, wood ox, according to Chinese variety. So they tend to balance me out. … I think? Good alliteration … Cheers Jamie

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