Picture Prompt-10

She knew he would find her. The tide would take her to Hong Kong and she would find a small place to stay, away from him. The city was so large, surely she could hide for quite a while. The breeze picked up and she grabbed her hat. There was no use trying to hide her face here. If he was persistent, he would realize she took this (ferry) and question them all. It wouldn’t be long before he would know that she went to Hong Kong. But finding exactly where she was would be difficult and hopefully take long enough so she could find a permanent place to be safe.

If only she had realized what he was really like. He seemed so loving and sweet when they first met. But only after a few weeks together she knew who he actually was. Her friends were suspicious at first but then they also grew to like this charming man. And he was charming, and beautiful, so any type of fault they might have suspected, went unheeded. She dared not confide in them. He was very manipulative and would surely find her.

They drifted beside the dock. She paid the boatman and stepped up to see an enormous sight. Lights of the city, all colors and bright. Surely she could be hidden here. She ventured forth, cautious of any curious observers. She wanted to be anonymous, her safety depended on it.

After a few blocks she found a quaint rooming house. She pulled the hat down to cover most of her face. The woman at the entrance was polite and kept her questions to herself. “I have a room on this floor and one above, overlooking the street.” She chose the upstairs room. It was safer and she could use the window view to watch for him. Exhausted from the excitement and terror of the day, she fell on the bed and was asleep in seconds.

She was startled by a knock on the door. “Good morning, I have some tea for you. Would you open the door, please?”

She shook her head and smoothed her hair. Her watch read ten a.m. “I’ll be right there, thank you.”

Opening the door she noticed what a pleasant older woman her hostess was. ” I appreciate this. I didn’t expect this kindness.”

“I was a bit worried about you, dear. Is everything all right? You seemed so harried when you arrived.”

She managed a smile and took the tea tray. She sat down at the small table by the window. She was here, she was safe. Maybe she could just stay here, at least for a while. The lady was nice. If he found this place, if he came near, I wonder what she would do. Would the woman fall for his beauty and charm, or protect her ward? I don’t think I can take that chance, she thought to herself. She finished the tea, and unpacked her bag.

Something discreet, she thought, as she chose her clothing for the day. I just need to blend in, with a haircut and no makeup, it should work. She had such beautiful long hair, she reminisced, as the shears made their way. Finished with her new look, she dressed and set off to find a more permanent home.