Daily Prompt:  Bespoke

Prompt for today is bespoke

What is this, a joke?

The chooser of words I don’t mean to poke,

fun at, or criticize unfairly

But what a word, just barely

I think. Of what shall I write?

A challenge for sure, on this night.

Being from the west, I’ve rarely heard

Anyone actually saying this word.

But I’ll give it a try

I never say die.

So if in my closet you’d peer

You’d probably turn with a sneer

What? No dresses or feathers or fluff?

How can you wear all this old drab stuff?

There’s leggings and pants, T shirts and sweaters

Nothing lacy or trimmed, and no leathers?

I have one thing to say about what you choose

They’re “comfy” , and I guess, easy to use.

But you need some color and flare

All the navy and black, why is it there?

Your eyes are green, you look good in blue.

You need some help, you certainly do.

She left in a huff

Remarks on the cuff

Boy, she was tough!

I’ve had enough.